Richard Knightwell has 15 years of experience as a journalist and editor. Under the name Richard Trenholm, he has worked on staff for CBS and CNET covering film, technology and culture stories from the Jungle refugee camp in Calais to the Sundance film festival. 

CNET-related inquiries


Please contact Richard (Trenholm) Knightwell via CNET if you have a PR pitch or inquiry - please don't send CNET-related inquiries through this site or social media.

Film writing


As a film writer he has interviewed filmmakers such as Ridley Scott, Damien Chazelle, Luc Besson, Tatiana S Riegel, Aaron Sorkin, Ryan Gosling, John Dykstra, Taika Waititi, Bryan Fuller, Toni Myers and Denis Villeneuve.

Click on the images below for some examples of features about screenwriting, interviews with writers, directors and visual effects wizards, as well as other highlights of Richard's recent work.